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Cable TV Advertising


Cable TV advertising solutions marry the unique power of TV as a branding platform with the technology to efficiently target a message to the “right eyeballs.” That enables advertisers to focus their resources and strengthen their brands in markets that matter most.

A Highly Receptive Audience

Cable TV advertising is often bypassed by small and mid-sized businesses in favor of print, radio, and even Internet. They often view TV as too expensive and may believe that only large national companies can advertise on it. While that may have been true a generation ago, the advent of cable television and the explosion in the number of stations and programming has made TV an advertising medium that is effective for even local businesses -- a medium that businesses of virtually any size can afford.

"If you're a local firm, such as a jeweler, you don't need to run ads nationally," says J. T. Hroncich, managing director and principal of Capitol Media Solutions, an agency that helps companies buy advertising. "Cable TV is very reasonable. As opposed to taking out an ad during American Idol on broadcast TV, you can take out a local ad on a popular cable show, such as Top Chef. It all depends on who your target market is."

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