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Advertising on Cabs


Your customer always on the move. The easiest way you can connect with them is by placing your message precisely where they spend their maximum time. Increase your reach andimapact using our cost effective Advertising and marketing Solutions that position your brand at the right place and just the right time.

Each metro city in India has a high demand for transportation services due to growing economies and rising populations. Thus, the demand for cab services has shot up. This represents a great medium for brands to target their audience in an unobtrusive environment. We have access to 80,000+ taxis for Taxi Advertising in India.

Statistics for Easy Cabs Advertising

70% of the time spent in the most busy areas such as airports, business hubs, hotels, shopping centers and residential areas
10-14 hours daily time spent by cab on the roads
Many kms covered each day by each cab
Presence at all major airports, metro stations, railway stations, corporate hubs and hotels in the city, carrying business and leisure travellers

Reaching discrete audiences

Cab Branding is one of the most effective advertising medium. Radio Cabs are used by city high fliers, shoppers with money to spend and tourists and visitors visiting the city. Average time spent by each passenger is approx 45 mins. Airports, corporate houses, business centers, shopping malls, education institutes, financial institutes, cinema halls, in-built complex are the area which only cab can easily cover.

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