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Commercial Advertising


Advertising is typically designed to make consumers more aware of people, places or products. In some cases the advertising occurs as a public service, such as a campaign to make people more aware of the dangers of smoking or alcohol use. In other instances, the purpose of advertising is to gain the interest and trust of consumers. Advertisers seek to increase interest in buying a product, visiting a place, or using a specific service. Commercial advertising in general is the use of advertising to generate revenue.

A Highly Receptive Audience

One important aspect of commercial advertising is that it creates a demand or a perceived need for something. As soon as the consumer has a reason to want, commercial advertising is there to offer a solution to that need. Advertisements give answers to a consumer's questions, including where to eat, where to go, or what to buy. Effective advertising works to create a desire while offering an attractive solution.

Not every aspect of commercial advertising relates to fulfilling an immediate need. Advertisers also strive to create name recognition, which is commonly called "branding." Effective branding means the consumer instantly recognizes the company or the product name and has come to feel positively about it. Companies use commercial advertising in an effort to impress consumers with how happy they will be once they buy the item or use the service offered. .

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