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Advertisement on Metro Pillars


Delhi Metro Pillar advertising is an ideal solution to target a captive commuter audience throughout their journey – from the station concourse, to the platform and on the train itself – it’s an end-to-end media story.

A Highly Receptive Audience

On average, rail travellers spend 4 minutes waiting on the platform per trip. Our Cross Track panels in particular enable advertisers to rewrite the rules of Outdoor advertising using detailed copy, allowing a far more enriched communication take out.

About Delhi Metro

Delhi is one of India's most populated, active & bustling cities. Delhi Metro is India's first modern public transportation system. The network consists of 7 lines each with various platforms for advertising.

Advantages of Delhi Metro - Advertising

1) A unique opportunity to tap the huge middle class of the city
2) It is the largest network reaching Delhi and NCR region
3) Captive audience and high brand recall ensure brand visibility
4) It is a low clutter medium
5) Stations can be segemented based on commuter profiles

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