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Advertising For Taxi


Taxi top advertising displays penetrate through different media formats to reach various types of people in the street. Similar to bus shelter ads, taxi signs using a taxi ad are visible to different age groups, including teenagers and seniors. And backlit taxi ad signs - offered by this taxi ads company - continue delivering impressions at night

A Highly Receptive Audience

Yellow cab advertising produces high impressions for those businesses and organizations that seek a bold form of media. And taxi television advertising is a relatively new format that breaks through the mold to reach passengers in a captive setting. Taxi TV ads are great for delivering a spot to people on the go.

Taxi advertising is a premium out-of-home advertising format utilising this unique space. Branded taxis spend their working days in the busiest parts of the city reaching a concentrated and varied audience. Essentially Taxi Advertising captures an entire city’s audience. Press, Radio, TV, Tube, Airport and Digital formats all have benefits, but none of them can match the impact and universal coverage of Taxi

Taxi top advertising rates are priced competitively when compared to other ad formats - especially when obtained through one of the taxi advertising agencies that offers taxi media. And although taxi advertising in New Delhi is the most expensive of all available cities, taxi cab advertising rates are well priced in other cities.
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